The Left is and has been at war with our Constitution and founding values since the outset. The swamp, the corrupt creatures that enrich themselves or find their security at the public trough give lip service in opposition, but predominately go along with the show.

We get barraged with emails pointing out the hypocrisy (in a supposed humorous way) of the Leftists and swamp creatures. However, at this point, there is nothing funny about what is transpiring in our nation.

Since the coup succeeded to oust President Trump, I have become sickened by the same political pundits (such as Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, and the rest) who operate more as sportscasters, calling the shots, pointing out the fouls of the Leftists and swamp creatures...but all in all treating the devastation of our nation like some big sporting event. Criticize the opposition, point out their foul plays, and just keep at after Rome burns. Absolutely neither expressing or even considering in any depth of thought the root causes of why America is going to hell.

I have tried to point out that we are at war, and we are losing. If we don’t get our act together, and soon, the game—or actually the War—will be over and we will have lost, freedom and opportunity will be lost.

Unfortunately, though plenty of politicians speak a big game and constantly ask for money—so they can supposedly win the game for us...they fail to really get to the roots and thus are not really fighting the war...a few skirmishes that keep them safe...but not the war, its just a game they play to stay in power or support themselves.

If you visit my website you will find in the left hand column, articles I have written over the no real avail.
I think this sums it up as to the need to expose and deal with the root causes of America’s downfall. Anything short of that will fail.