Let’s pray our next POTUS does not get taken in by the swamp as it is far more pervasive than shown in the cartoon below:



Corruption and those who seek financial gain or to acquire power at the expense of others is a fact of human history.  It has surpassed the point of crisis in America.  It is high time to stop being vague about what comprises the swamp and learn how to effectively chop away at its negative impact on the General Welfare of this nation.


Back in 2018, I sent out an email on my thoughts on What Comprises the Swamp.  It was sort of an “off the top of my head” type of list.  We are in crisis. Trump’s presidency was both undermined and ultimately destroyed because of it.  To survive as a free nation, we must understand the swamp, and we must actively combat it.


It is no mystery why so many in the grass roots of America are Trump supporters:  He is a fighter, he does his best to keep his promises, and he works diligently to further policies that are to the benefit of the Public Welfare of this nation.  But, if our leadership does not understand the implications or prepare a sufficient cadre of swamp aware and swamp free individuals—then the efforts will be undermined.  And in regard to the Trump administration, it was ultimately done in by the swamp.


The swamp is pervasive: 


It ranges from those employees or potential employees who are willing to compromise their integrity to get or keep a job or better their chances for promotion to those who actively conspire with others (both nationally and internationally) to promote actions to increase their power wealth and control at the expense of the General Welfare. 


In short, anyone who is a career bureaucrat, politician, elected or politically appointed government official is likely a swamp creature to a greater or lesser degree. 


Our institutions of learning, our media, entertainment industry have been taken captive, and of course it includes those lobbyists, corporate moguls, globalists, and non-profits seeking to push an agenda to further their interests to the detriment of freedom and the General Welfare. 


To my way of thinking, if a person is running for elected office, especially the Presidency of the United States, that person must be actively working to network with the grass roots in order to root out and find those suitable to staff an administration.  Where is that emerging grass roots movement in America?  Some thoughts on that subject.