Sent: Monday, May 08, 2017 9:19 AM

Subject: Federal Judiciary


My Comments:   Trump has a long way to go to repair the damage done by Obama.  Obama appointed 329 federal judges, and I would be willing to bet that all 329 were more oriented to promoting their brand of leftist repressive/regressive ideology rather than having any fidelity to upholding the integrity of the original intent of the Constitution.  Just look at how federal judges have been exceeding their authority and thwarting Trump on his policies thus far.


As I discussed in a 2/12/17 email and again in a 3/21/17 email, we need a Constitutional Amendment to hold the federal courts in check, such that federal Justices are mandated to interpret the Constitution based on original intent

There is also a lack of perspective and restraint with respect to the judiciary. The judiciary is “getting away with murder.” Our Constitution provides a set of checks and balances—but these seem to have gotten lost as the federal judiciary appears to be able to “trump” all other branches of government.  This is not the way the system was designed.  The judiciary was supposed to be the weakest of the three branches, not the most to overrule at a whim, the other branches of government as well as the States. 


We need a way for a branch of government, or We the People, to negate a court ruling when it is clear they have no jurisdiction in a matter...such as the issue before us on immigration.  Many court cases, such as Reynolds v. Sims, Roe v. Wade, and Obergefell v. Hodges come to mind as examples of this. 


We have a federalist system whereby certain responsibilities have been given to the national/federal government, and the remaining responsibilities—or powers—left to the discretion of the states or the people.  At the federal level, Congress and the Courts have been routinely exceeding their authority—and getting away with it.  This must be brought to a halt, and the federal government overreach rescinded.


May the Lord guide us in restoring the integrity of our nation, its laws, its freedom, its liberty, and as a land of opportunity for people to become productive and healthy citizens—living in growing harmony one with another. 



Trump set to nominate 10 federal court judges