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Subject: America silent as nation is systematically destroyed


This linked article from the Canada Free Press is dead on


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Some of you participated in the recent TEA Parties--which probably surpassed a million attendees nationally.  These Tea parties were held at over 800 locations nationally on April 15th. The mass media gave it little coverage and dismissed it as being a event organized and recruited by Fox News and the Republican Party.  I went to the one in Sacramento and several thousand attended, many attendees were Democrats.  I understand that in some cities the attendance was 10,000 or more.  If the average attendance was only just over a thousand, this makes the national attendance a million, perhaps much more.  This is a lot of people to have taken the time to attend an event during a week day.  Most of these people probably never attended any political rally before.  Obviously, many people are concerned with what is happening in this country.


I don't know about you, but what is happening in our country is eating away at me.  I am not just embarrassed by our leaders, I am becoming fearful.  Corruption is rampent and government waste is beyond comprehension.  And, I do not look forward to the almost certain devaluation of our dollar by 50% or more over the next few years.


While being bombarded daily by new and destructive actions taking place by our government leaders, I cannot stop thinking about how to get the public at large to see what is happening and start working together to restore our nation to the founding principles--which include limited government, freedom from a state imposed religion (atheistic secular humanism), liberty, and the protection of property rights.


With a state run monopoly school system having dumbed down our youth for the past 50+ years, rampent political correctness squelching freedom of expression, and a media sold out to the elitists (elitists being those who think they are better than us and seek to manipulate us as pawns for their political ambitions and social experimentation) and promoting the elitist agenda at every turn -- it is depressing to face the horrific challenge ahead if those who love freedom are to gain control over our diminishing republic.


I can only hope that more than 50% of the public are still receptive to a restoration of freedom and sanity to this nation.  If this is so, then we need to establish credibility across this nation, that responsible, caring citizens are dead on concerned about stopping the political elitists from taking control and systematically destroying this country as they conduct their social experiments in progressivism, socialism, or whatever brand of "ism" they see as their dream society.


At this point, I do not see the Republican Party as part of the solution.  In fact, if they cannot break free of the party machine mentality, they are probably more of an obstacle to progress.  To win control of this nation away from the elitists, and back being a republic that is responsive to its citizenry, it is going to take much more than a platform (such as the Republican Platform that Republican Party considers as optional for its elected leaders to follow), is going to take a real plan of action--an agenda.

$11 trillion dollars and growing ($11,000,000,000,000.00).  We cannot even conceive of that much money.   That is what has been spent on the war on poverty since the mid 1960's.  And, the current administration is going to add again that much deficit over the next decade. The money has been and is being used to empower the elitists, grow government, and systematically undermine and destroy the less advantaged in this country--promoting a life of dependence on government handouts, while also promoting illegitimacy and destruction of the family unit.  The Republican Party has historically ignored these people, simplifying the solution into vague arguments that the free enterprise system will solve all ills.  Well, with the changes in our society over the past 80 or so years (in public education, private property rights, and laws impacting small businesses and small entrepreneurships), the less advantaged have no real hope for overcoming the obstacles.  Only a few make it out of the multi-generational cycle of poverty/mediocrity; most get caught up in the system.


If we are going to recapture this nation for liberty and freedom--we have to develop an agenda that addresses specifically what is needed to restore the educational system (school choice/vouchers being one option) so that the poor can receive a first class education rather than a dumbed down version more oriented to social indoctrination than true education.  We have to restore the rights of private property so that if a poor person can purchase a plot or land, they can build on it without being overwhelmed by property taxes, impact fees, building departments, and then get further taxed on their sweat equity.  And, we need to remove the laws and litigation that surrounds small business endeavors so that the poor can participate without having to do it "under the table."


Yes, we have to deal with illegal immigration and the oversight in our Constitution that permits a baby born to an illegal alien to automatically be a U.S. citizen.  Since nothing in Mexico has stopped the process of its citizens wanting to flee to the US to gain some economic advantage--I suggest that maybe the US government needs to get serious and declare "economic war on Mexico" and set about forcing Mexico to address the corruption that leads to lack of economic opportunity for the average citizen in that country.  Of course, to do this, we have to address the corruption in our own country.


Why do we permit our elected representatives to be pounded by paid lobbyists? Shouldn't we, the grass roots be involved in any process that affects our representatives representing us?  It seems to me that if lobbyists want to lobby for something, that effort should be done at the local level.  If we the electorate agree on a plan proposed by a lobbyist, then we should endorse our representative backing that plan.  Otherwise, it seems like we have systemic corruption in our government due to the lobbying efforts in Washington, Sacramento, and elsewhere.


Then take a look at what all the "green" is doing to our nation.  While we all want to protect our environment, do we want it controlled by alarmist hysterics that crush our economy and citizenry?


A lot of issues need to be addressed.  Those who want simplistic single issue solutions, such as "no more taxes" are not going to reach the broad base that could possibly support a real voter revolution, capable of restoring control of the houses of government to "statesmen" representatives (no more politicians) who truly represent the expressed interests of the people.


A great problem we face is that we have no cohesive agenda, no grass roots organization, no access to the various media, or real method of generating the revolution necessary to take control of the federal House and Senate in 2010 or restore our state government.  We cannot look to our elected representatives, for where do we find elected Republican officials who are not more sold out to getting re-elected, pandering to special interests and playing political games--than in being straight shooters, who have core values and having the integrity to go to the mat to promote those values?


Remember the preamble to the U.S. Constitution: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranqulity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


It is time the grass roots started getting organized by the grass roots (not politicians).  Let me know if you want to discuss what we can do to be pro-active on getting this country back on track.