Sent: Monday, August 05, 2019 11:53 AM

Subject: Save America and Make America Greater




My Comment:  In my opinion—other than lacking finesse in his choice of words—Trump is not divisive, but he is trying to correct a great series of wrongs that the enemies of our Constitutional Republic have wrought upon our nation. 


And, of course, for those who are enemies of our founding values and principles of individual liberty, opportunity, and freedom—such efforts to fix this nation are deemed not just divisive, but every other name calling epithet they can throw out and hope it will stick—they are masters of the art of projection (the mechanism by which their traits are attributed to their opponent).  If the person is a name caller (you know:  labeling their opponents as racist, misogynist, xenophobic, etcetera) then you can know them for what they are—either ignorant dupes or the enemy of We the People.


The war for independence did not end with the Treaty of Paris in 1783.  Forces who want to gain control over We the People has continued, and especially over the past 100 years, the demagogues who seek to rule us have gained the upper hand and nearly eradicated the three principles listed below that our founders believed essential for the preservation and growth of our free nation.


This was the great American experiment in self-government by We the People. They worked to achieve this through three major principles:


1) They wanted a representative system of government where We the People would choose representatives, selected and known to us, and accountable to us, to represent us in Congress.


2) They wanted a concisely worded and understood Constitution to establish the primary rule of law for the national government and provide suitable checks and balances to minimize the opportunity for tyranny fester and grow over We the People.


3) They wanted to limit the power of national government to specifically enumerated powers (see Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution) and for such powers not enumerated to be the prerogative of the various states or the people (see 9th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights).


The agents of tyranny have completely undermined each of the three (3) principles outlined above.  At present, a political elite is in predominant control of our nation, corruption the rule of the game, and unless the course of action is reversed, our nation will be lost to the type of despotism that has ruined all great civilizations of the past. 


Donald Trump’s presidency has given us a reprieve, but he is not the solution.  We need to be educated to what is happening, and We the People need to do what is necessary to restore the three principles outlined above.


It saddens me that our youth are being brainwashed in K-12 public schools, the universities, and media in regard to negative propaganda of our nation and in counterproductive/destructive solutions. Ignorance and disinformation is plentiful, and a concise, yet comprehensive perspective is not being promoted in the public forum—such is an absolute must if we are to save this nation.

I believe, that if the truth be known, and a clear path to peaceful restoration be shown, that our youth would rise up and do what is needed to repair our nation to a better condition than it has ever been—to make America Greater! 


We need to educate ourselves and others as to how the three great principles of self-government outlined above have been sabotaged by the forces of despotism, disinformation, and tyranny.  For a small start you might go to to browse and let me know of anything you disagree with or needs to be better explained.


I have long been of the opinion that the majority of our federal government is unconstitutional, and increasingly the federal courts are un-constitutionally exceeding their authority and making law that undermines our rights—as well as being counter to the will of We the People.  For example, see my article California is no longer a Republic


I am currently reading a book on my Kindle, Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution by Myron Magnet—which gives a pretty good argument so far to support my allegations regarding items 2 and 3 above.  Unfortunately, the book does not address the (at least not so far) destruction of principle 1 above, nor does it address the unconstitutionality and devastating effects of the Federal Reserve. 


For those who want a little humor exposing the pretensions of the evolutionists, you might like the book The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions


I pray for Donald Trump and pray the Lord will work a miracle for this nation.