America is caught up in the symptoms, while ignoring the root causes.  So long as it does that, it has no hope of restoring/repairing this nation—and generally, all it does is make the situation worse.

Root causes of America’s downfall:

1) Critical importance of representative district size – The sabotage of Article the First and failure to teach the importance of district size (nationally as well as locally) if we want the people, rather than powerful special interests, to control the outcome.  The House of Representatives was designed to be the “people’s house”, instead it has become a den of special interests and thieves.

2) Destruction of the purpose of the U.S. Senate – The 17th Amendment would never have happened, if people were educated to the importance of item 1). Its passage destroyed the purpose of the U.S. Senate.  The Senate was intended to represent the interests of the states, where Senators were selected by state legislatures.  Instead, they are now elected statewide and even more susceptible to corruption than the supposed House “representatives.” The Senate has become predominately an arm of powerful special interests and thieves. 

3) Violating the U.S. Constitution – The failure to hold the federal government to the limitations on its authority, such as the enumerated powers has allowed our government to run amuck. Disregard for the Constitution is why the federal government has usurped control over powers previously those of the states, local municipalities, or the people. Federal courts now routinely exceed their Constitutional authority and make law.  Congress routinely creates law at odds with the general welfare.  Our system was designed to have a limited federal (national) government, but since we don’t (or can’t) hold our representatives accountable, we now have an “unlimited” federal government—ever more wasteful, corrupt, robbing us of our freedoms, jeopardizing nation security, and undermining the hearts and minds of the people. 

Everything we piss and moan about in regard to the political and social realm are merely the symptoms, symptoms that stem from these root causes which are being ignored.

What are we going to do about it?   Unfortunately, I don’t see any hope on the horizon—that is unless we start meeting on the grass roots level in small groups, and start seriously considering what we can do.  And, unless we confront and deal with election fraud, we have little hope.

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