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My Comment:  I did some editing to the email I sent a couple weeks back, for improved readability and emphasis—I attached it below these comments. 


I am pretty sick of wasting my time, and sick of watching the news and listening to the pundits discuss one depressing issue after another.  As an inadequate analogy, it is like we have a dam breaking, and day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade—all we hear about is the increasing devastation that is the result of the ongoing flooding from the increasingly failing dam---yet not a single thought is given to examining what is wrong with the dam or fixing it.  As I said, this is an inadequate analogy, since what is happening in our nation is far more devastating.


When was the last time you listened to a lecture, read a book about, or saw a film that seriously addressed the issue of how a representative system should work and why our system no longer does?  I bet you never have, and the way things are going you never will.


Our nation’s founders did not trust people who sought power over others, they trusted more in We the People—the common man—more than they trusted those who wished to enrich and empower themselves at the expense of the people.  They were students of history and sought to avoid our nation becoming victim to a bunch of tyrants.  Yes, our system was imperfect, as all systems of mankind will be imperfect.  But it certainly was a giant step forward from what the rest of the world’s governments had done and were doing. 


The concept was that we would have a limited federal (or national) government, with very specific responsibilities (see Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution) that were necessary for the benefit of the various states as a whole.  Everything else, including all social and societal issues was to be the dominion of either the individual states, local municipalities or the people.


To maintain that, the representative system had to be maintained as a workable commodity—which it was at the infancy of our nation.  And, the integrity and original intent of the law—specifically the Constitution—had to be upheld.  However, the forces of evil do not want the people to be free as our founder’s envisioned.  Thus, the very first (Article the First) of the proposed amendments to the Constitution, as our Bill of Rights, was sabotaged at the last minute by the changing of one word which rendered it pointless—and thus it was not ratified.  But, no alarm bells went off, district sizes did not immediately skyrocket (it took nearly a 100 years before they became too unwieldy for We the People to maintain control), and the forces of darkness have been able to keep it a dead issue—for a good 230 years!!!  And, unless We do something, it will stay as a silent, unspoken and unthought issue.


If we are to save this nation, 1) we must focus on the Constitution—how it has been and is being corrupted—and fix it.  And 2) seriously focus on how a representative system of government should work, and why large population districts effectively disenfranchise We the People to those with the money, the power, and the ideologies that are at odds to the general welfare of this nation—and we need to fix that by passing an amendment similar to the original (unadulterated) Article the First to limit the size of House Districts and teach the same so the individual states will follow suit with their state legislatures. 


No one that I know of is seriously addressing these 2 issues.  Until they do, we are simply being a bunch of masochists—instead of being intelligent problem solvers and repairers of our system.  We the People can change it, can fix it—but politicians never will.


One size does not fit all.  Just about every issue people fight about in regard to politics, are issues the national government has usurped, that rightfully belong locally, with We the People.  Our nation was designed to allow for diversity, but that is rapidly being destroyed by our centralized systems which increasingly enforce their ideological dogma.


Sent: Friday, February 26, 2021 12:27 PM

Subject: Lip service


As Mark Twain said:  If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.  Sadly, these words of Mark Twain ring so true for what the swamp is doing to destroy our election process.


My Comment:  It is routine for government officials to swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  But the reality of such is worse than a joke—not a single one is doing it—and the result has been a catastrophe for our nation.


Any objective observer of our national government can see that as a nation our Federal Government no longer adheres to the letter of the Constitution—other than when they can twist it to serve some political agenda that in reality is in conflict the founder’s intent and the general welfare of We the People. 


While President Trump was on the right path to making America Great Again—he in many ways was a hopeful reprieve, such that we as a people could get our collective act together—as his stated goals did not include the items necessary to repair our broken Constitutional system.


If you read the Bible enough, and observe human nature, it takes a lot of optimism to not just give up.  One wonders why God does not give up on the human race.  As far as government in the U.S. of A. – I believe increasingly people are giving up.  It is so bad, that it appears beyond hope.


As Christ is the rock upon which the Christian Church is built, so is the Constitution of the United States of America is the rock upon which the founder’s vision of self-government by We the People could prevail—a limited government system with maximized freedom and opportunity for people to enjoy friends, family, and community, as well as succeed and enjoy the fruit of their labor.


The key to its maintenance was the concept of representative self-government by We the People. Our Constitution is comprised of 7 Articles, the 5th of which allowed for amendments—hence making it from the start a “living Constitution,” able to be modified as needed for the benefit of the general welfare, and to uphold its founding concepts as stipulated in its Preamble.  


At the time of our nation’s founding, the various states had functioning governments operating under a representative system.  Small districts were a requirement for the people to select and elect representatives known and accountable to them.  The idea was for that concept to carry over into both the House and the Senate.  House districts were to be kept small enough that the people could maintain control of the electoral process of selection, election, and accountability.  The Senators were to be selected by the state legislatures, where the legislators had also been elected by a similar process and accountable to the people.  It was a great idea, a great experiment in self-government.


With the exception of the sabotage of the proposed first amendment to our Constitution (Article the First), which was aimed to limit the size of a Congressional House District, it took close to a century for the situation to seriously erode the concept of self-government culminating in the Apportionment Act of 1911 and the 17th Amendment, heralded at the beginning of Repressive/Regressive/Oppressive era (these power hungry big government types call themselves “Progressives” and later “Liberals”).  The coup de grâce for our Constitution was the Repressive/Regressive/Oppressive concept of a “Living Constitution” as promoted by President Woodrow Wilson. By “Living” – the Repressive/Regressive/Oppressive proponents aimed to circumvent the legitimate method of amending the Constitution by unconstitutional means—such as via Congress, the Courts, and the evolving administrative agencies of the government.  This has now become standard operating procedure and from what I observe, no one is calling it for what it is:  a pure and unadulterated unconstitutional exercise in political POWER!!  All the lockdowns based on Covid-19 and the radical impact on our nation, let alone the world, is but a small taste of what the unbridled power of the Repressive/Regressive/Oppressive zealots will do to contain and eliminate our freedoms in order to enrich and empower themselves. 


I know of no politician, no elected official, no judge, no pundit (even on FOX News), in fact I know of not a single individual who seriously looks at the founding of this nation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the proposed Bill of Rights (all 12, not just the 10), and the Federalist Papers—as well as other founding documents—and seriously assesses what has transpired over time to dilute and destroy the foundation of our government until our Constitution is essentially meaningless as a objective rule of law. 


The fact is, from what I observe, this nation has no hope other than to strictly enforce the Constitution and its founding concepts, which would include the passage of an apportionment amendment to limit the size of House districts, repeal the 17th Amendment, phase out and repeal the national government’s excesses of power (which likely includes the vast majority of federal agencies and the ramifications of many supreme court decisions) – and most importantly educate the public, not just to the Constitution and how our system has and is being corrupted, but also to the concept of a workable representative system of self-government. 


Our Government, just like Christianity, must return to an adherence to the rock—the foundation—upon which it was built, or continue to slide (as is rapidly happening) into destruction and oblivion. 


Understanding our Constitution and the acts that have corrupted it—is not rocket science, instead it is easy to understand once a person is informed.  If we are to save this nation, we must find ways to educate the public to the reality of how our system is broken (and this will require entertaining films and other methods)—then, if successful in that endeavor—it would be possible through the election process (if we can free that from corruption) to start on the path to recovery. 


Power to the People!!!