We are bombarded day in and day out by a relentless number of issues—all of which are problems with our nation, locally, nationally, and internationally. Yet all of this is simply the result, the fallout, of not adhering to the actual root issues that are necessary for our founder's vision of self-government to work. Our freedom and liberty depend upon public awareness of these issues. That is why these issues are NEVER really discussed, beyond mere lip service, if at all—because self-serving politicians and special interests will fight tooth and nail to prevent these issues from being resolved as they will lose power and control over We the People:

1) Small representative districts are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for Self-Government by We the People to work—Are you even aware that the very 1st of the 12 amendments proposed for out Bill of Rights was to keep representative districts small?  Large districts make it easier for big money and special interests to gain and maintain control.  Our nation’s founders had functional state governments. They knew reasonable sized districts were essential for self-government by the people to work.  This is why the very 1st of the 12 proposed amendments for our Bill of Rights was an apportionment amendment intended to limit the size of congressional districts. Besides being sabotaged, you will never hear about it in a classroom, by a pundit or by a politician—why is that? Unless the public becomes educated enough to demand it, we will never again have reasonable sized districts, such that We the People, not powerful elites, are in control.  Do you want true statesmen or stateswomen to represent you and uphold our Constitutional values, or do you want to continue to have predominately self-serving politicians run the show?


2) Strict enforcement of the Constitution is our only safeguard against those who seek to gain power over We the People—and it is being abused and violated on a regular basis—Our Constitution was written to protect We the People from an overly powerful federal/national government.  let’s stop the lip service and call a spade a spade. A significant and growing portion of our Federal government is an un-constitutional overreach, as the “Feds,” which includes the federal courts, have usurped and continues to usurp the rights of the states and the people—all to the detriment of the general welfare.  As things stand now, the average person has no idea as to how extensive the Federal government has and continues to undermine our Constitution, or how critical the Constitution is to the maintenance of a free nation.


3) We must STOP businesses from the damage they are doing to the general welfare of this nation—We license these entities to do business, we have the right to protect ourselves from the abuses that arise when profit and non-profit entities work to the detriment of the general welfare of this nation.  We must get serious and develop functional methods to rein in these behemoths—from manufacturing to freedom of the press and expression—without destroying our free enterprise system.


4) We the People must force Congress to mandate and enforce election integrity for all federal elections—Unless Congress acts to enact and enforces laws to safeguard Federal elections from fraud, we shall have lost our nation to tyranny. Under the Constitution, Congress does have the power and authority to accomplish this.

How long does it take to discuss a few simple issues with the public? These four root issues need to be understood and how they impact all else that goes on in our nation. Only an enlightened electorate can change this nation for the better.

Please take a few moments to consider these issues and discuss them with your friends and familyIf you do so, YOU HAVE JUST MADE A START ON FIXING THIS NATION as educating the public is a major part of the solution!!!

Remember and never forget:


For a little further discussion on these four issues:

1) Critical importance of small districts for We the People to have control over representation—It is absolutely critical that we shrink the size of all representative districts to the point where We the People, not special interests can control who gets on the ballot, who gets elected, and then be able to hold them accountable. We do not have a democracy nor do we want one—if you question this, watch this short video. We have a Constitutional Republic with and a representative system, whereby the representatives are supposed to uphold the rule of law and represent their constituency, not that of special interests. Currently, We the People have lost the ability to control who is elected to represent us or hold them accountable. Thus, other than do what is minimally necessary to get re-elected, most politicians serve special interests that are counter to the best interest of We the People and general welfare of this nation. Officials give at best “lip service” to the Constitution while routinely violating it. Our Nation’s Founders wanted We the People to be able to select and hold accountable representatives of known character, which is why the 1st of the 12 amendments proposed for our Bill of Rights was designed to set an upper limit (or cap) on the population size of a congressional district at between 50,000 people. That amendment was sabotaged by changing one word in the final clause from less to more—rendering it useless (even if it had been ratified) to contain the growth in the size of a House District, which currently exceeds 750,000 people. With few exceptions, it is big money and special interests that control the election process, and has the power to influence the public—while We the People end up without true representation and the General Welfare of our nation suffers as a result as government simply grows, becomes more wasteful and intrusive. An understanding of the importance of keeping district sizes reasonably small will also help people understand why the 17th Amendment, that changed the selection of U.S.Senators from that of the state legislatures to a statewide general election has destroyed the original purpose of the Senate, and played into the hands of the power brokers to further corrupt our Constitution, our laws, the balance of power between the federal government, the states, and the people—while increasingly undermining the General Welfare of this nation.


2) Uphold the ConstitutionThe great American experiment in self-government and a limited national government requires us to uphold the integrity of the Constitution. The public must be the watchman to assure the Federal government lives up to its responsibilities and does no exceed them. If Congress and the Courts are able to amend it on their own, bypassing the Constitutional amendment process, then we no longer have the security and protection our Constitution was designed to afford us. Increasingly, laws passed by Congress exceed the authority granted under the Constitution. The Federal courts routinely take on and rule on cases for which they have no authority under the Constitution. The States and the people are being robbed of the rights guaranteed under the Constitution. How long does it take to explain to the American people that our Constitution was meant to protect us from runaway government? Preserving its integrity is essential. Thus, when we allow our government to play fast and loose with the clear letter of the law and original intent, We the People end up losing our freedom to those who want to rob us and control us. So much of what our Federal Government does these days is not within its authority under the Constitution, is counterproductive to the general welfare, but how do we stop this if the people are not even knowledgeable enough to know what is transpiring?

3) Protecting the public good from profit and nonprofit bullies—The Industrial Revolution was in its infancy in America when this nation was founded, thus there was no provision in our Constitution regarding the mega-enterprises that have since emerged—or how they can either positively or negatively impact the General Welfare of this nation. These entities are licensed by government to do business, and We the People must develop the methods to safeguard the General Welfare from the damage that can be and is being done by large corporations. To increase profit margins, entire industries have shifted away from local production, and much of it to nations that are hostile to America. Big business has bought up small media outlets, magazines, local newspapers to the point that 5 large corporations control over 95% of all media in America and exert powerful editorial/agenda control over the product (both news and entertainment) disseminated to the public. An independent press is no longer a reality in America. We must find ways to reduce or control the impact of these mega-businesses for the benefit of the general welfare. Just as it is not in the best interests of the general welfare to allow domestic corporations to shut down plants in the U.S. to relocate to a foreign nation to increase its profit margin on products sold domestically, it is not in the best interest of the general welfare to allow a virtual monopoly to exist of the media in this nation. These issues need to be understood and serious consideration needs to be done to determine how to protect the General Welfare.

4) Insuring the integrity of our election systemWhat good is an election system if it is riddled with fraud and corruption? Our Constitution in Article I, Section 4 gives Congress the authority to make or change the laws regarding federal elections. The enemies of our freedom have been working overtime to corrupt elections for their benefit. We must put a stop to it by implementing sound laws to protect We the People—as we have an abundance of people in and out of government who are working diligently to corrupt our election system. Ballot harvesting is corruption. Lack of voter ID requirements for voting is corruption. Not keeping the voter rolls current is corruption. Allowing non-U.S. citizens to vote in federal elections is corruption. And electronic voting machines have been demonstrated to be subject to corruption. We must demand Congress implement laws to stop this and restore the integrity of our federal election process.

How long does it take to illustrate each of these points to the average person? A few minutes? It is not being done. And only if the general public becomes aware of these issues can remedial action be taken...before it is too late. We need to discuss these issues, think about how they impact and bring about all the fallout of thousands of other issues. How we cannot have freedom and self-government without dealing with these issues.

The pundits and corrupt swamp creatures want to ignore these 4 issues—and so far they are doing a good job of it.

The American government, like so many other governments around the world, has become no less than a criminal enterprise.