The Great Experiment in Self-Government by We the People


Our national system of government was designed so We the People could have ultimate control over the direction government was to operate and evolve. 


To facilitate this, we were provided these primary elements:


1)      A Constitution as the supreme law of the land, as our protection from renegade government, which could only be modified through a rigorous amendment process, as specified in Article V.

2)      A legislative body of two components: 

a.       A Senate comprised of Senators selected for 6 year terms by their corresponding state legislatures (who at the time were understood to be accountable to the each state’s electorate) and intended to represent the interests of the states. 

b.      A House of Representatives comprised of Representatives selected for 2 year terms by the electorate of districts within each state and intended to represent the interests of their corresponding districts.  It was intended that districts for each representative would be sufficiently small that the electorate from each district could select and hold accountable people of known character.  At the first Congress in 1789, it was decided between both houses of the legislature that the maximum size of a House district would comprise a population of no more than 50,000 people.


Three main things have gone wrong to effectively destroy this Great Experiment in Self-Government:


1)      The first amendment proposed for our Bill of Rights (Article the First) was sabotaged and not ratified. Subsequently House districts have ballooned in size to in excess of 750,000 population and scheduled to continue to grow in direct proportion to the U.S. population.

2)      The 17th Amendment was passed, changing the method of selecting Senators from that of the state legislatures to a popular statewide vote of the electorate such that the outcome can be more readily controlled by powerful special interests.

3)      The Constitution has been corrupted by the federal government, both in failing to perform its responsibilities as delineated in the Constitution, and in usurping authorities from the states and the people, for which it is not empowered to do under the Constitution.


Thus, in today’s United States, if your representative or senator happens to vote on a bill which you endorse, then that is your good fortune for the moment.  Likewise, if your senator or representative supports bills you disagree with, there is likely nothing you can do about it.  Because, with few exceptions, both senators and representatives are more beholden to special interests than the people.


And, invariably the special interests have agendas that do not align with the General Welfare, such as open borders, devaluing our currency, gaining wealth at the expense of the people, indoctrination rather than education in schools, propaganda rather than factual truth, destructive ideological agendas, societal divisiveness, and rampant corruption—You name it!  The problems that Donald Trump addresses, and most of us are concerned about, are the very result of the fact that our Constitution is not being upheld, and we no longer have control over our supposed representatives in Congress.


For some thoughts on restoring self-government to the people, visit www.Self-Government.US. 


A well organized grass roots movement, utilizing the First Amendment and the ballot box, could restore control of the government back to the people—as our nation’s founders intended.  Don’t let the fear, intimidation, deceit and lies promoted by the Left stop you!


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