According to the Constitution of the United States of America, ARTICLE I, SECTION 4, CLAUSE 1 - The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, ...  CONGRESS HAS THE POWER TO STOP ELECTION FRAUD NATIONALLY


We need to assure

·         Assure non-citizens cannot vote in a federal election

·         Assure anyone eligible to vote can vote if he/she so chooses

·         Assure a person can only vote once

·         Assure voter registration rolls are routinely verified for accuracy

·         Provide severe criminal penalties for those who violate election law


These issues are needed to stop our rampant election fraud.  Only a corrupt elected official would oppose these measures:


1.      Create small election districts—Make it easier and faster to tabulate votes and keep track of ballots. Divide each state into small subdivisions averaging 50,000 or less in population, as election districts wherein ballots will be counted and maintained – this will facilitate paper ballots and hand counting to be done in a reasonable fashion, significantly reducing opportunities for fraud.


2.      Election ResultsFor each district in 1) above, the results for federal offices in the election shall be posted to a national database and those electors who request prior, shall be emailed the election results for their district.


3.      Voter ID—Require state or federal government issued photo ID cards for all in person voting at the polls.


4.      Keep Voter Rolls Current—Verify accuracy of voter rolls at a minimum every two years to assure the accuracy of potential eligible voters.


5.      Signature verificationRequire signature verification for all absentee voting.


6.      Absentee Ballots—Absentee ballots are only to be sent to those who specifically request them in writing.


7.      Paper Ballots—Paper ballots only, no election machines for voting in federal elections—best if paper ballots could be produced in a manner that they could not be forged.  Machines can be used to process (count the results of) paper ballots for tallies, but the paper ballots must be kept in the event a hand count audit is required.


8.      Independent observers—Independent observers from each political party shall be permitted to verify the process of all vote counting in each election district.


9.      Voter Registration DeadlineThe voter registration deadline to be at least 2 weeks prior to election, no provisional ballots allowed.


10.  Deadline for voting—With the exception of overseas military, the deadline for voting shall be the Federally prescribed election day, including the post mark date for Absentee Ballots no later than election day.


11.  Ballot Harvesting—Third party collection of ballots to be illegal, and all forms of “ballot harvesting” to be illegal.


12.  One Day Voting—With the exception of overseas military, the deadline for voting shall be the prescribed election day, including the post mark date for Absentee Ballots no later than election day.


13.  Ban Private Funding—Ban all private funding or financing of government election offices.


14.  Fraudulent Voting—Voting on behalf of a deceased, another individual, via multiple ballots, or the submission of any other vote not specifically authorized to do so is a Federal crime to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


15.  Coercion—Voting is a free choice and must remain completely voluntary for an eligible voter.  Any method by another party to coerce an individual to vote by offering remuneration or reward any kind in order to get a person to vote is a crime punishable under this act.


16.  Voiding of Election ResultsThe votes of any state or district therein that violates the federal requirements, or otherwise operate their election other than as prescribed by their state legislatures, shall be Void with respect to the Electoral College.


Our Congress could clean up the fraud—if they wanted to!  How can We the People force Congress to fix it, and do it properly?