This was an email sent out on May 15, 2020, before I learned of the effectiveness of early therapeutics (which the CDC and hospitals nationwide were denying patients)::


Covid-19 may be the perfect pandemic


Think Toon by Jake Fuller
	Think Toon by  Gary McCoy


Exceptionally contagious, deadly for those with severe underlying diseases, yet having little effect on the healthy.


If your goal is to cause mayhem, fear, panic, and devastation to the capitalist/free enterprise economy, this virus seems to be a gift from heaven (or hell).


This is especially true if you see overpopulation a problem, and thus could care less if the seriously ill and feeble died in the process, since they see such people as simply a drain on the society.


So, what do we have with Covid-19?  We have an exceptionally contagious virus, for how else could it spread from a single case in China to just about every nation on earth within such a short period of time?  But, we also have a virus that, with almost no exceptions, is only life threatening to those who have serious pre-existing conditions...likely the virus tends to accentuate the underlying diseases.


And, the otherwise healthy, regardless of age, end up either asymptomatic or get nothing much worse than a case of the flu.  But, in order to benefit from the pandemic, the fact that healthy people have virtually nothing to fear must be hid from the public.  Instead, the emphasis must be to concentrate all the media on accentuating ill effects to create and maintain panic, fear—and the lockdown, social distancing, masks, not touching your face—repeated endlessly as a mantra, all to accentuate and maintain the fear and panic.


Ever promoting scare tactics and panic throughout the population is the objective, not identifying and protecting the most vulnerable.


Do you think the Chinese Communist Party, already plagued with overpopulation, is concerned if the feeble with underlying diseases die?  Do you think the average secular humanist, who thinks human overpopulation is the biggest blight on the planet care (other than perhaps for their own parents) whether people in nursing homes, or similarly feeble people die?  And, those who despise capitalism, the free enterprise system, do you think it upsets them when businesses fail, the economy flounders, and people become increasingly desperate and dependent upon government?


If you look at the statistics, and while the swamp wants to minimize the facts that can be available, it is obvious that few die young, and likely those that do had serious health conditions aside from the virus. 


We are at war, it is not a war against this virus, it is a war against our nation’s founding values, by those who will do whatever is necessary to gain power and control over We the People.


If Covid-19 was as deadly as the media and ideological swamp want us to believe, this virus that has spread so rapidly worldwide in such a short period of time, would have killed MILLIONS of people by now, but it hasn’t.


Again I ask, where is the church in all of this?