So much of what the pundits say that is taken as wisdom falls apart under scrutiny—scrutiny that seldom comes to light.


Listening to Mark Levin promote the Convention of States during his CPAC presentation caused me to think about the above cartoon.


A month or so back, listening to the Tucker Carlson show, he did an interview of Mark Meckler, the prime proponent of the Convention of States agenda.


Please provide feedback, especially if you disagree with me.  But, I see zero benefit in such a convention to develop amendments to our Constitution.


Pundits always go for good sounding solutions, but solutions nevertheless that will not solve the problem.  Case in point “term limits.”  We have term limits here in California, how well is that doing for us?  Not so good.   If you happen to get a good representative, one who will fight tooth and nail for what is best for this nation and the general welfare—do you want him or her excluded in the next election due to term limits?  I think not.  The real problem is not term limits, the problem is that We the People do not have control over the process of selecting and electing the people we want to represent us.


Attached is the flyer for the Convention of States organization. I fail to see a Convention of States worth pursuing at this time.  Mainly because of two factors that stand out to me:  First, in my book the preponderance of elected officials are part of the swamp and it appears that a convention of states would be largely staffed by such.  Secondly, as I look over the laundry list of proposed amendments on pages 30-31 of the pocket guide, other than the top three, I don’t see any (including the top three) that addresses the root cause of our nation’s demise.  And, once a Convention is in progress, all kinds of spurious—good sounding—amendments can be proposed, which lack true wisdom and would just further add to the problems we face if ratified. 


But, as far as amendments go, the important one to me, and I would think to most people if they were educated to the facts, is the rescinding of the 17th Amendment, which changed the method of selecting U.S. Senators.  As a consequence of the 17th Amendment, the power of selection shifted towards big money and special interests largely controlling the outcome.


For years now I have been pushing my four points.  In my book, these are the critical issues, which because these are not dealt with—all our other ills grow.  If you want to drain the swamp, focus on those four points.


·        Self-government plain and simple cannot work if We the People are not in control over the selection of our Congressional representatives. 

·        Second, if we do not limit our Federal government to its authorities and responsibilities contained in the Constitution, then we end up with runaway government and growing tyranny as we have now. 

·        Third, if we allow large corporations, NGOs and non-profits to work to the detriment of the public good, our freedoms are undermined.  The virtual corporate monopoly of the mainstream media is a prime example.

·        And lastly, if we cannot trust the fairness of our election system, then we have lost all control over our government.


None of this is being addressed by the proponents of the Convention of States—and it does not take a Convention of States to address these issues.  Instead, it takes a process of educating the public and teaching them to work together at the grass roots—something we have lost the ability to do.


What do you think?  To me it would be great to give this a shot!