We the People must unite to save this nation – and that requires that we become informed as to how we lost our nation to the “swamp” and how to regain it.


Our nation was not founded to serve a powerful elite—as it currently does.  We need an agenda capable of uniting the grass roots, not dividing us as the elite seek to do.  The four points introduced below should not be partisan issues for those who want our nation to truly promote the General Welfare—for everyone.


·       When our representatives do not work on behalf of the people, our system does not work.

·       When our Constitution is violated as it is, our system does not work.

·       When for profit and non-profit entities work to the detriment of the general welfare, our system does not work.

·       When our elections are riddled with opportunities for corruption and fraud, our system does not work.


TO SAVE OUR REPUBLIC and restore THE GREAT EXPERIMENT IN SELF-GOVERNMENT by WE the PEOPLE—These issues must be resolved:


1)  WE MUST REPAIR OUR SYSTEM OF SELECTING OUR REPRESENTATIVES – It is impossible for Self-Government by We the People to exist unless the people are able to select, elect, and hold accountable their representatives.  Currently, with very few exceptions, it is big money and special interests that control who gets elected, and once elected exercise control over the representatives they got elected.  As a consequence, little to none of the legislation proposed and made into law benefits the general welfare or would be endorsed by a knowledgeable public.  Small districts are vital to restoring self-government to the people.  Representative districts are based on population.  At our nation’s founding they were sized around 30,000 population.  This has since grown and now exceeds 750,000 with no end in sight.  The first of the proposed amendments for our Bill of Rights was an apportionment amendment, called Article the First that was to set an upper limit on district size.  Just prior to being sent out for ratification, it was corrupted by the change of one word (which effectively rendered the amendment pointless) and it was defeated.  Not only do we need to get big money and special interests out of the process, we need to educate our youth and citizenry to the critical importance of small representative districts in order for self-government by We the People to work. It has not been since before the Civil War that districts were the limited to size our founding fathers approved in 1789, as what should have been our First Amendment to the Constitution in our Bill of Rights. This is would provide the public with the ability to replace self-serving politicians with true statesmanship.  And, since in today’s political climate there appears zero chance of getting an adequate apportionment amendment, this idea of a workaround may suffice to restore representation to the House of Representatives and take campaign finance and its corrupting influence out of the equation. Also, the rescinding of the 17th Amendment will restore the integrity of the Senate—assuming states make sure its legislators are selected and elected in a manner where the people, not special interests control the process.


2)  WE MUST RESTORE AND UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION – Our Federal/National government was intended to be specific and limited, with domestic issues the prerogatives of the various States and We the People. Instead it is bloated and ever growing, wasting the tax dollars it takes in as well as printing money to fund further waste at the expense of devaluing our currency.  For more than a 100 years, unscrupulous federal officials have bypassed the amendment process in order to promote their agendas that exceed the Constitutional authority granted to them. The public must be educated to understand that the Constitution is their primary protection against tyranny by a powerful elite.  We must stop the lip service, we need to uphold our Constitution, which has been shredded by all three branches of the federal government and reverse and eliminate all the unconstitutional overreach by the Federal government that are robbing us of our freedom and wealth.  This will require the dismantling of most of the bureaucracy, and restore authority over domestic issues to the states, local municipalities and most importantly to We the People.

3)  WE MUST PROTECT AND RESTORE OUR FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM – Each year new impediments at all levels of government are instituted to make it more difficult for a small business to exist or survive, let alone compete against the “big guys.” Increasingly large corporations and NGOs are undermining free enterprise, our national integrity and freedoms inculcated in our Constitution.  This includes not bowing to international organizations, such as the United Nations, WEF, WHO, etcetera, which seek to usurp authority away from our Constitution.  The free enterprise system and the benefits of mass production has been a boon to mankind.  But, we have allowed mega-businesses and non-profits to increasingly work to the detriment of the General Welfare of this nation—notably in the arena of domestic manufacturing, freedom of speech, and corrupting propaganda.  While America historically thrived on competition, large corporate entities squelch competition and collude to promote its agenda to the detriment of society.  It is our “free enterprise system” exemplified by small business and grass roots entrepreneurial startups that is at the heart of innovation, and job creation.  As exemplified by the Covid-19 response, collusion between corporate interests and government succeeded in decimating large sectors of small business, while benefiting the large corporate chain operations. A few large corporations have acquired a near monopoly over the media, for which it promotes a coordinated narrative to the detriment of objectivity and the general welfare.  These entities are licensed by government to conduct business; We the People can require they operate in a way that does not undermine our nation, our founding values or the General Welfare of We the People.  Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is significant collusion between these business enterprises and forces operating within our government.

4) WE MUST REQUIRE ELECTION INTEGRITY – While many understand election integrity is a critical issue, the emphasis by politicians and pundits all refer to it being a state issue to resolve.  This should not be the case.  Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to create sufficient law to protect federal election integrity.  Yet, Congress has failed to use its Constitutional authority to establish federal election law sufficient to prevent the rampant election fraud that has been evolving.  Action on this must be immediate.  


Unless these four root issues are addressed, any progress made to repair our nation and improve the general welfare can quickly be undone by the political and powerful elite.  Only if self-government and the power of government is restored to We the People, can we overcome this evil.


How long does it take?  Resolution on each of these 4 root issues will require education of the public in order to get to the point of action—as the swamp will resist and fight each of these issues tooth and nail to the death of this nation.