3. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the ...


Is Self-Government by We the People something you want?


Over the past 100 plus years, special interests, ideologues, and self-serving politicians have corrupted our Constitution and undermined our institutions from top to bottom.  Increasingly bankrupting and counterproductive programs harm the disadvantaged while creating dependency and divisiveness. As a result, our nation’s institutions have become so corrupt and contrary to the General Welfare—that it is truly mind-boggling.


People are more than justified to be outraged.


As a brief summary of bullet points that need to be addressed to restore self-government, the following is submitted:


1)  Restore our federal (national) government to compliance with the Constitution, and the founders plan, which includes the ability to fulfill the dream of self-government by We the People will actually work.  This will require extensive phasing out of programs and court decisions that extended beyond the powers delegated to the national/federal government under the Constitution (which are rightfully the prerogative of the States or the people).  A restoration of the concept of representative government is essential.  This includes amending the Constitution to include an apportionment amendment, similar to the unadulterated version of Article the First, which would limit the size of House Districts, and an amendment to rescind the 17th Amendment so that once again Senators would be responsible to the States rather than the political ideologues that got them elected.  Linked is a brief discussion on fixing our nation. But now, thanks to the ever diligent enemy of the people, we must place a top priority on restoring our free and honest election system.


2)  Restore the basics of civil government and social issues to the local community, such that K-12 education, homelessness and vagrancy, judicial system including litigation and criminal justice, social welfare, health care, property rights, labor, business, civil order (ethics), opportunities for upward mobility, and other vital functions necessary for a healthy community—are brought back to local control by We the People.


3)  The industrial revolution, mega-corporations, and tax-exempt non-profits in America evolved after the Constitution was drafted, thus the founders did not foresee the problems nations now face, as these powerful interests so often work counter to the best interest of the general welfare.  Serious examination needs to be done to find solutions to resolve these growing problems, especially to limit or negate the ability of these organization—for profit and non-profit—to wield political power and influence.