One idea on the process

I am tired of being depressed over the news and direction this nation is going—as are most of you.

What is the policy that will work for America?

What vision can inspire and unify this nation?

Yes, issues like Agenda 21, Common Core, Obamacare, and gun rights under the 2nd Amendment are critical.  But taking sides on such issues is not going to unify this nation—or win the war of turning this nation around.

One of the major things that disturb me is how we delegate the operation of this nation to politicians that for the most part we really do not know. 

If we had an interest in buying a house, would we select the agent with the best advertising and give that person carte blanche to find and select a house for us and also obligate us to some financing scheme—all without our input or recourse?  Of course not, but we are doing far worse with our public officials—we are giving them carte blanche to dream up scheme after scheme to complicate our lives and indebt us in the process.

We need to stop operating on the principle of popularity contests and political campaigns.  While we need quality people as our representatives, finding the right hero is not going to solve America’s problems.  Instead we must decide how we want this nation to operate—for which based upon the polling data I remain hopeful we can build a majority consensus.  Only then, based on how we want this nation to operate can we intelligently select someone from our midst as a representative—fully accountable—to work with us to carry forward our mutual vision.

One of the things I first observed as I became a Christian, is that the Spirit of God brings us to a unity—one that is not otherwise possible.

If that is correct, then we need to focus on issues from a Spiritual standpoint and not from the political—the political being what we think will gain us the most traction—as contrasted to what is actually true and best for the general welfare.

What I do not see on either the local or national scene is real dialogue regarding how we want this nation to operate at the federal level, and what should be the prerogative of the states, local municipalities, and the people.

Surely we can develop a significant majority opinion—if we are open and receptive to truth—and not just what we think is politically expedient.

We the people have lost our voice.  "Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories." --Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, Query XIV, 1781

As I listen to Ben Carson, I witness that we are of the same Spirit.  I do not look to him as some hero, but as a man who is in tune with the wisdom of God—a spiritual man.  And being a spiritual man—as I saw our nation’s founders to be—is in tune with that same spirit of truth that is in me as I seek God’s truth regarding the issues that confront our nation.


Ben Carson is articulating much of what I have been attempting to CPAC 2013, please watch when you have 24 minutes, and see what you think:



Ben Carson speaking at CPAC 2014, this is also well worth viewing:


Ben Carson with Megan Kelly on Fox News, more good stuff:


Search YouTube and you will find a lot of other inspiring videos with Ben Carson addressing issues of extreme relevance—if we are to turn this nation around.


It would be great to copy a few of these videos onto a flash drive or make a DVD of them and get together as a group to view them, and  afterwards discuss how we can develop a common vision—what it looks like—and how we can grow that vision to inspire the general public (which includes Romneys 47%). 


For a long time, I have sought to do such with others of like mind—in the hope developing a vision and workable plan to get this nation back on the right track.