WIN BACK AMERICA – we need to learn how to put our elected officials on a short leash and give them strict marching orders:


   Close to two thirds (66%) of the nation—the grass roots—still share basic agreement on critical issues.  Yet a rapidly evolving ruling class—a consortium of selfish interests—are successfully dividing and fooling us while rapidly transforming our nation.   


     It was our freedoms, opportunity, and reliance on individual responsibility—in contrast to the rest of the world—that made America great.  Yet today, many, especially the young, have no idea how much of that freedom and opportunity has been stolen from us within the past decades.


     During the 50’s we heard how the Soviet Union used the media as an instrument to disseminate “propaganda” and we in America were so proud that we had a free press.  In the 50’s we were proud of our educational system, by far the best in the world.  In the 50’s high school graduates could get a job in industry, raise a family, buy a home, a new car every couple of years, a boat, enjoy vacations, good medical care, and live the American dream.


    Most of us have spent our lives working to further our careers, family, friends and faith.  As we were taught, we did our civic duty by trying to vote intelligently.  Unfortunately, simply voting was not enough.  Instead of electing representatives, we elected politicians—people who pander for our votes in order to gain a seat of power.  Once elected, these representatives were effectively free agents to do as they chose to further their self-interests.


    Today, it is not the same America.  Most small town newspapers, magazines, television stations have been bought up by large corporations, each having its own agenda.  Crippled more and more each year by regulation, our industries move across the border or overseas.  Government and union control assures us that a once free public education system becomes more costly and dumbed down each year.  Government programs supposedly designed as “safety nets” for the poor and unfortunate instead enslave those it is designed to help while creating large middle class of bureaucrats dependent upon preserving the status quo—while the cost of these counterproductive programs drive our nation to financial ruin.

    Much of this began as our elected representatives started distorting the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.  The federal government was supposed to be limited, and as the 10th Amendment assured us:  The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

   Unscrupulous ideologues have essentially thrown out the 10th Amendment for today we have a federal government that has no limit on the power it can usurp over the nation. 


   Much of the crushing bureaucracy at the federal level has grown through a distortion of the original intent Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution: the Commerce Clause. This clause was never meant by the Founders to be a blank check for “command and control” economic regulation. The purpose was the opposite. It was to facilitate commerce between the states; to promote trade and not restrict it. It was to prevent states from enacting impediments to the free flow of “commerce” among states, such as tariffs, quotas and taxes.  Instead, our federal politicians have used it to gain power over the states, business, private property, and We the People.


   The following phrase in the first paragraph of 14th Amendment to the Constitution was to protect children born to freed slaves following the Civil War:  “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”   Notice the word “jurisdiction.”  Children of freed slaves were not under the jurisdiction of some foreign government, they were under the jurisdiction of the United States.  Children born to an illegal alien are rightfully under the jurisdiction of the nation they are from (such as Mexico) and should not be granted citizenship under this provision in the Constitution—yet, they are.


   The preamble to the U.S. Constitution contains the phrase:  “promote the general Welfare.”  Note the term is general welfare and not special interest welfare.  It is the duty of the federal government to promote the general welfare and not cater to special interests, which invariably is at the expense of the general welfare.  Increasing over the past 100 years, the government has been diminishing the general welfare while catering to special interests.  As the government robs us of our freedoms, it provides costly perks to special interests.  While We the People vote officials into office, once there—it is the special interests, the lobbyists who control the legislation and favors that government doles out.


   From a once fiscally responsible government, we have moved to one of blatant corruption (buying votes to pass legislation using public funds) and fiscal irresponsibility.  Once, the dollar was rock solid.  In 1913, a U.S. Dollar was actually worth a few percent more than in 1800.  A modern U.S. Dollar is now worth less than 4 cents as much as before the federal reserve took over control of our currency in 1913.  Not only are we teaching our citizens to be financially irresponsible, the world now sees our nation as a debtor nation, nearing bankruptcy. 


   For America to survive, we must wrest control from the special interests, the political and corporate elite—and in the process restore the basic freedoms necessary for national survival.


     Unlike successful businesses that must root out deadwood to maintain its competitive edge, our government grows more inefficient, more costly, and burdensome each year.


     The ballot box can save America—but, to do so we must overcome the process where our options are limited to a “naďve hope” in some pundit or choosing the “lesser of evils.”

    At least for a period of time, we must get sufficiently involved in government affairs to determine how we want our government run—and time for doing so is running out.  




·         Develop and keep refining a legislative roadmap (which our representatives must follow) defining the step by step process to streamline and improve government;

·         Establish a legally binding contract for which candidates who want our votes must commit;

·         elect accountable representatives legally bound to the contract and dedicated to our legislative roadmap;

·         reduce government size, waste and spending;

·         establish fiscal responsibility in government;

·         curtail the corrupting power of lobbyists and special interests;

·         restore the integrity of the Constitution;

·         restore private property rights, the free enterprise system and choice in education—each of which is essential to restore opportunity and freedom for the masses—and to wean ourselves from the destructive downward spiral caused by government dependency programs;

·         break the cycle in regard to our southern border by, if necessary, declaring a new form of economic war with Mexico that will work to resolve the internal problems rob its people of opportunity--and cause so many to flee in desperation to the USA. 


     The time of political “free agents,” who say one thing on the campaign trail and do another elected, must end.  We must wrest control from the elitists who are destroying the opportunity, freedom, wealth, and hope for this Nation.  We must establish a clear agenda and select Representatives, who are committed to that agenda.  And, we must commit those Representatives to a legally binding agreement, which forces our elected representatives to exclusively promote that agenda (and nothing else) or forfeit office.


   A World without what America and its beacon of liberty and opportunity would be a much darker place.     


Are you interested in helping develop the agenda for America's revival?


A starting list of some litmus requirements for a candidate for office for the current emergency:

1) Vote NO on any budget projected to result in a budget deficit – For a business or one’s personal budget:  to procrastinate on budgetary restraints only makes things worse and gets you further in debt. We have had enough of pandering politicians, who steal from the coffers to buy votes today, only to defer paying the price to a later date.

2) Vote NO on any new bill that either adds or increases fees or taxes – American’s are taxed enough, time to start weeding away at the inefficiencies and corruption that wastes taxpayers hard earned money.

3) Vote NO on any bill that has not been thoroughly vetted by the public and the electorate from your home district – enough of these unread voluminous bills that rob us of our freedoms, are filled with special favors, earmarks, new bureaucracies, and wholesale opportunities for waste and corruption.

4) Vote to DEFUND the implementation of virtually all legislation passed in the past 24 months – we may not be able to repeal these destructive laws in the short run, but we can sure as hell cut the funding for the implementation.

5) Oppose any type of amnesty for illegals, promote enforcement of existing immigration and border control law – not only is it time to start enforcing the laws to protect our borders, it is time to take a serious look at: a) Corrupt business and political practices that either wants to exploit the situation for cheap labor or to increase their leverage at the ballot box, b) how to humanly deal with the fact that our foreign neighbor (Mexico) has an economic system that provides little opportunity for upward mobility for its own people.

6) Vote against any cost of living increase for federal government officials, employees – What is going on that the government can keep increases its pay and budgets? Notice how when government is forced to cut back, they choose to get rid of the worker bees (not the chiefs) first?  If you ever worked for government, you know the waste, if you ever worked for government you know that a high percentage of workers are overpaid for what little they do.  Some work hard to earn their wages, many don’t.  Let’s cut back, clear out the deadwood and streamline operations—starting with those at the top, their perks and the size of their staff.

7) Vote against any budget increases for any federal agency – with possible exceptions of defense, no agency should be allowed any budget increase without a thorough and public assessment of its operations, and even then, NOT.

8) Use the power of impeachment to reign in the imperial presidency and the judges who legislate from the bench – time to stop our public officials from going beyond the authority granted by the Constitution.

9) Gerrymandering – Promote a Constitutional amendment that establishes a clear, consistent, and simple method to establish congressional boundaries (for both State and Federal elections).

10) Anchor babies – Promote a Constitutional amendment to end.  A child born in the United States will only gain automatic citizenship if one or both parents are US citizens at the time of birth. 

11) Commerce clause – Promote a Constitutional amendment – the federal government’s authority in interstate commerce is limited to protecting the public against practices of one or more states to establish practices that favor one state over another. 

12) Public Education – Each year we spend more money and get poorer results, it is time to realize that money is not the problem—government and unions are.  For our national survival, we must restore competition and freedom from political correctness in public education.   Promote a Constitutional amendment that prohibits any government entity from collecting taxes from the general population for the purposes of public education and then restricts the choice parents, guardians, or emancipated minors regarding what institution will be the recipients of the student’s fair share of the tax dollar – it is not government money, it is taxpayer money.

13) Special Interests and lobbying – Our representatives are elected by the People.